Why abusing is bad | Get out before it get's worse !

Abuse comes in many forms, not all of which are physical. When someone repeatedly uses words to demean, frighten, or control someone, it’s considered verbal abuse.

You’re likely to hear about verbal abuse in the context of a romantic relationship or a parent child relationship. But it can also occur in other family relationships, socially, or on the job.

Verbal and emotional abuse takes a toll. It can sometimes escalate into physical abuse, too.

If you’re being verbally abused, know that it’s not your fault.

When Where and How

All over the world children come across this situation for sure, like when I was admitted in a school class 2 some of my seniors used to abuse & tease me and then I also learnt abusing, maybe I thought this was the way to throw your anger out? Even in friendship friends abuse in argument, in fights, in gossips almost all times why to look cool or funky? And yes F*ck is like a common word.

Very often in families father is found as abuser be it physically or verbally not knowing how he might be impacting his own children and wife, somehow making them feel that he is a monster, you might have gone through such phase too, where you see your father as a monster and when he leaves home, going out a smile comes in your face, a feeling of freedom and you take a long breath isn’t it?

Even in love relationship we usually see that male dominates female and, in any issue, he abuses her sometime to show love but this is how they love is shown? by abusing? As the fight goes on the other partner also starts abusing and fight goes on and on and the relationships becomes toxic. 

You face it but you don’t even know it...

Bad relationship toxic relationship
How you face verbal abuse | An abusive relationship 

The main difference between physical and verbal abuse is that physical abuse leaves scares and verbal makes wounds that never appear on the body but hurts more than anything that bleeds. Emotional abuse is as bad as physical abuse if not worse. Just because a person doesn’t put hands on you doesn’t mean they’re not abusive, Abuse is control not love, Abuse is disrespect not care, Abuse is internal pain not safety. Such abuse in any stage of any relationship should make the person aware you’ll realize you are being controlled and hiding, not allowing yourself to open up share your problems, happy moments cause you’re sacred what shall be the reaction of your partner. Many experiences it on a daily basis.

It is really difficult to describe the way such person hurts their loved ones they know how to make you feel worthless they know each of your weakness and imperfections and they always find the time to burst it out. 

The most difficult part of living with an abuser is the unpredictability someday they will be like normal person, sometime they would love you so much and for weeks not a single abuse as if everything is alright but unknowingly giving false hope, and later if anyone would say anything or do or listen to music when they didn’t want or laugh too much when they didn’t want they would just burst out each and every things they ignored. 

It is just like a ticking time bomb ready to explode. And then they would make you feel guilty as if you have only done something very wrong as if you deserved with the abuses or words he said and make you prove that you deserved such humiliations, this is how they control your thoughts and later makes you to say sorry to them and as time passes you starts believing such abuses you think that yes he is correct I am ugly I am bad and he is correct and this is how you are being discouraged, tortured, brainwashed and ultimately get into depression in many cases. 

If you think you are the only one to suffer you are not there are many like you thinking lit’s easy to get in but difficult to get out.

5 Common signs that you’re in a toxic relationship

5 Common signs that you’re in a toxic relationship
Toxic Relationship 

  1. You'll be Swept off – Initially you would be showered with praises Oh! Your so beautiful, intelligent cute and make you fall in love, but as time will pass and if you don’t act according to them, you’ll be swept off and disgrace that you’re not enough your bad.
  2. Your partner will make you get rid of things which he doesn’t like.
  3. They shall make you leave your friends, your family member and make you isolate and ultimately make you fully dependent on them. 

  4.    Scream at you, curse you and point your every mistake and make you feel imperfect and will tell you to do this that and somehow make you believe that they are correct and makes you think that they think good for you.

  5. Deny that they never can never do something wrong even if they are somehow, they will blame you and prove that you are wrong not they and make you say sorry.

I speak to you today to inspire; you are not alone|

What to do?

Don’t settle for emotional abuse thinking it’s OK just because it’s not physical. If you’re afraid when your partner is angry, if you’re afraid that how they will react if you disrespect you, if you’re afraid of their reaction and what response they shall give if you’re doing something or showing interest in something you’re already experiencing this; you’re in a wrong relationship.

Sometime we want to be loved so badly we can’t even tell our partner that this is not love.

Being alone may scare you but being in a bad relationship

Then what to do? Isn’t it hard to come out of such relationship!

Yes, it is but you never get happiness until you make a hard choices a hard decision or hard work, to achieve success or happiness we have to make hard choices, we have to work hard and we have to stop agreeing to what they tell or claim us as.

You don’t let go bad relationship because you stop caring about them, you let go because you started caring about yourself. You shall realize when you start listening to you’re heart by talking to it, sometime we don’t need anyone to talk we just need own self to talk to hear our own heart beat and do things which makes us feel good, proud and forget about thinking what others say cause it’s your own life and your are the boss of it.

Outlook | The Final Verdict

                 It’s better to break your own heart by leaving such bad relationship, friendship, or family relationship, rather than having someone else to break your heart everyday and make you feel guilty wrong and make you suffer, while you stay with them whole time and remember that the problem is that we want to be loved so badly that we cant even tell them it’s not love; Love Yourself. 



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