Types of Mutual funds

Types of Mutual funds in India 

Categories of Mutual Fund

   Equity                              Debt                                                                                 

1. Large Cap Fund      1. Banking & PSU                           

2. Mid Cap Fund         2. Corporate Bond                                    

3. Small Cap Fund      3. Credit Risk                                                   

4. Multi Cap Fund      4. Dynamic Debt                                                                 

5. Contra Fund           5. Floater                     

6. Dividend Yield       6. Gilt 10 Years             

7. ELSS                         7. Liquid

8. Focused Fund         8. Long Duration

9. Sectoral Fund         9. Mid-long Dur

10. Value Fund         10. Money Market

11. Large &               11. Overnight

      -Mid Cap fund    12. Short Duration Debt Fun

                                    13. Ultra-short Duration

  Hybrid                    Solution Oriented         
1. Aggressive             1. Children’s Fund                                
2. Arbitrage               2. Retirement Fund     
3. Balanced Advantage                                            
4. Conservative                                                          
5. Multi Asset Allocation 
6. Equity Savings

1. ETF's   
2. FOF (Fund of Fund) Domestic 
3. FOF Overseas
4. Index Fund
                 “Filters which can be added before choosing any Mutual Fund"

Risk          – 1. Low 2. Moderately Low 2. Moderate 4. Moderately High 5. High Risk

Fund Size – Up to -1,000cr, Upto-2,000cr, Upto-5,000cr, Upto-10,000cr

Available to invest – One Time / SIP

Other filters High return, top savings, Better than FD, Top Companies, Sector Bets, Category, Ratings,

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Explanations – Different types of Mutual Funds and their sub-types. will be followed in next blog... 

Basically, the most preferable mutual funds in equity category are Large Cap Fund, Mid, Small and Multi Cap.

Further I shall explain all the different types of mutual funds and their sub-types one by one in different pages…. (Keep Following) to read further. 

Quote - "Albert Einstein when asked what he considered to be the most powerful force in the universe answered: Compound interest !"


Desclaimer Before investing in any mutual fund make sure you go through a deep research or else ask a financial advisor or make urself highly educated to take finance decisions. I do not owe any responsibility for any action taken by anyone through this blog. All the actions shall be done qt your own risk. 


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