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Risk Less Investing with Index funds & ETF's 

What are ETF's and some preferred ETF's examples. 

Risk Less Investing With ETF's
Risk Less Investing with some ETF's 

When anyone hears about stock market they think it's gambling, sometime luck favors you and you earn or lot and sometime you loose a lot. But that's not the real case, Stock market is fully based on the way you handle it, respect it with your techniques.
Usually people think it's total gamble and our money is not safe at all there but today I will tell you and introduce you with risk less stock market direct investing and make you aware of how not to loose money and make use of this wonderful opportunities.

Note : This is to be noted that this blog mainly focuses on to the people who don't trust stock market and also for them who want their wealth to increase with time horizon.  

So, Whenever anyone invest in any company  company for longer duration they must go through fundamental analysis (both qualitative and quantitative approach) and then invest but tragic happens and you never know any flying company can also become bankrupt and you may loose money. Ex: Yes Bank, Jet Airways, DHFL etc. but then where to invest when there is risk everywhere and how to eliminate such risk.

Introduction with Indices ETF's

1. Nifty Bees (Benchmark exchange traded fund) - Nifty Bees is an ETF whose benchmark or underlying is nifty 50 index under Nippon India ETF. If you believe in growth story and believe that India's shall grow in future our economy shall become more powerful and top 50 companies will also grow then u must invest in Nifty Bees it's an index fund as Nifty 50 rises this ETF shall also rise hence it is directly related to Nifty50.

2. Bank Bees ETF-  It is the underlying asset of  Nifty Bank under Nippon India ETF. It's high traded ETF with high Volume hence low liquidity problem anyone can buy sell anytime during market hours. One should invest here if they believe India's banking sector shall rise with time. We can see Indian Banking sector is very strong excluding some corroborative banks which does not come under this ETF this ETF constitute of top Indian Banks and below given you can also see there has been rise always since many years the steep fall in the end is due to Covid-19 situation hence one of the best time to invest as you're getting this ETF at very low price. 

3. Junior Bees - Junior Bees is also another ETF whose underlying asset if Nifty Next 50 these are emerging bluechip companies rising. Very popular run by Nippon India ETF one can invest in this ETF too if they believe those next 50 companies shall grow with rising economy and with time.

Others : Gold Bees, N100, ICICIMCAP, CPSEETF etc. 

Why to invest in ETF / Index Funds ? 

ETF gives you  much diversification in your investment. If someone is afraid or hesitate to invest due to fear of loosing their money then these ETF's are the solution where you get high diversification if one company fails also another is ready to back up. Though it is rare to see a company failing who are included in such bucket because those buckets are made up of high quality stocks. 

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What are ETFs, how do they work? Advantages & Disadvantages of ETFs

These are top safe preferred bet for the ones who want steady growth in their money with rising economy good wealth can be built . Remember they might fall even after you just invest in it and may also rise and go long forward, movement of these stock depends on the the index's and the index depends on economy. we know the primary trend of the economy is mostly rising and so short or intermediate trend may be falling your investment amount shall decrease but an investor shall not worry if he or she trusts it own economy then their value shall increase with time.

Investing in these also should be timed cautious for better return one should usually invest when they found a support at the bottom not at the top. One of the major advantage in these stocks are they are well diversified own it's own, low risk and high capabilities of wealth growth.

If you want some other Stocks specific information about Which is a low-risk stocks in stock market must comment below :) 

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