Here are Top 5 Books for Stock market Technical analysis and also brief leanings from these books

Names and Learning from Technical Analysis Books : - 

These Books helps you to learn technical analysis of stock market, must read books to get familiar with technical analysis.

Technical Analysis Books
Technical Analysis

1. Technical Analysis of Financial Market by "John Murphy"

This book is an approachable introduction to Technical Analysis that still provides high level of details and actionable insight. As a former Techical analyst for CNBC with over 40 years of experence in the market, Mr Murphy has become a leading voice for Technical Analysis and is highly skilled at conveying complex topics in an easy to understand manner. Novice traders may want to check out this book before diving into more complex topics.

2. Getting started in Technical Analysis by "Jack Schwager"

This book is an excellent starting point for novice traders that covers every major topic in technical analysis. In addition to covering chart patterns and technical indicators, the book takes a look at how to choose entry and exit points, developing trading systems, and developing a plan for successful trading. These are all key elements to becoming a successful trader there aren't  many books that combine all of this advice into a single book.


3.  Technical Analysis Explained by "Martin Pring"

Known as "Bible of Technical Analysis" since it contains an exhaustive amount of information covering the core concepts. The book also covers ancillary topics like trading psychology and market mechanics that help traders understand "the why" rather than just "the how" of technical analysis. Despite the wide breadth of knowledge, the book is very approachable and easy to understand the novice traders.

4. How to make money in stocks by "William o' Neil"

  This book is considered a classic work on technical analysis and was written     by founder of Investor;s Business Daily, one of the most popular investment     publications in the world. O' Neil was a strong advocate for technical               analysis, having studied over 100 years of stock price movements in                 researching the book. In the book, he presents a wide range of Technical           strategies and tips for minimizing risk and finding entry and exit points.

5. A compete guide to Volume Price Analysis by "Anna Coulling"

A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis: Read the book then read the market by [Anna Coulling]
  Price volume Analysis is considered by the most important part of technical         analysis by many. Volume, especially delivery volume with a significant             price move reinforces confidence in the trend direction. This book is a                 phenomenal work on this particular aspect of technical analysis.

  Very Low cost book with great ideas. Remember volume data is very                   important to analyse the trend of any stock or indices.

What is Technical Analysis in stock market  ?
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