Teenager's Thought

Teenager's thought 

                   With the advancement of generations, the word "teenager" has also got modified a lot. It no longer refers to those 13 to 19 year old's who are on the verge of growing up into mature responsible humans, but merely refers to those who are on the verge of becoming capable tough humans. As a contrast to our previous generations, teenage today is no longer limited to an age which marks the end of our happy childhood, but has become an age which prepares us for adulthood.

Teenagers today go through a lot all over the world. From relationship failures to depression. From peer pressure to meeting family expectations. It marks a period of first time experiences.

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In India, one understands he or she has entered into the 'teenage' period when suddenly parents start seeming annoying. He or she feels happier with friends than family. The first step after signing up to a social media platform becomes blocking relatives. Mirror suddenly becomes your best friend. Your crush list steadily rises. And yes! not to miss out, you start imagining yourself getting married to your first love!

Teenage life in the early years that is around 14 years of age is perfect,roughly till class 8. Then comes class 9 and 10 (15-16 years) when you hear your parents chanting that one mantra  to you every hour of the day:"Beta you have boards coming up please study!" or in a harsh tone:"Nalayak tere boards aa rahe hai dinn bhar phone me ghusa rehta hai padh bhi liyo kabhi!" Hardly does the poor teenager successfully pass this trauma when the stream selection form is presented. This marks the start of a cold war between the parents and the teen if their dreams contradict. There is continuous bombardment of taunts until one surrenders to their will. The teen looks at that caption:"My parents are the best xoxo" and from the corner of his eye looks at the villains taunting him throughout the day.

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After passing class 10, most students get mobile phones (in India, parents consider it as a standard qualification required to receive a mobile phone). This is the time when the wealthier friends having an "iPhone" are envied. This is the first step when one is taught the lesson of "acceptance" and "adjustment".  A middle class teen has no other choice than to purchase a phone which costs not more than  what the budget allows (the budget is sometimes not even upto the cost of the cheapest iPhone).
In class 11 and 12 (age 17-19), maturity starts developing. You actually get to know what  'saving','sacrificing' and 'rejection' is all about. When the richer chaps call you out for party and you ask your parents for it? The hesitation, fear all stands still when you actually get to hear a "NO". You understand what harm just a two letter word can cause. For the school shifters, making new friends becomes a priority to escape the loneliness. This is when one realizes how vast the world is and that nothing is permanent. Some leave, the others fill up their space. With last two years of school life kept in mind,this is also the time when "adventure" is maximum. From bunking classes to sneaking out of school, from spreading rumours about a friend to creating fake id-s of friends, from texting in class to playing WWE with your ex's current partner, you actually realize how fun school life was if....you had those useless assignments and projects cut off.

After +2 boards starts the mad rush of college seeking. This rush, rushes you into a new world and marks the end of school life. Or perhaps, pushes you in a world with no boring school uniform, no strict rules. It shoulders you with responsibilities. It makes you understand that there is much more pain and difficulty in life than a heartbreak. It shows you the difference between real and fake friends. It shows you that "LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES".

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Quote : " Being a teenager & figuring out who you are is hard enough without someone attacking you".  - "Ellen DeGeneres" 

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Author      - Sruty Saha
Edited By  - Prasant Shukla

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