Lockdown | The 21 Days

Corona Virus Lock down In India 

                  India, It was on 24th March, 2020 that Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi at 8pm announced that 21 days, lockdown for all Indian states and cities, on that contrary for neutralizing the outbreak of wide spread virus called the corona virus. Very interesting ha ? It was viewed by almost 197 million people in comparison with last IPL which was viewed by 133 millions. 

Breaking : PM Modi Announces 21 Days Country Wide Complete ...
Analysts says that the 21 days Lock down of states is five times greater than the 2016's November 8th, demonetization or called "Note bandi" made people stand in cue for exchanging their old 500 & 1000 rupees notes with the new ones. whats going on now is same and actually more to that. 

What actually is it ?

PM Modi through his speech meant that people should not come out from their home for unnecessary work 

As people having no work specially wage earner, making them walk hundreds of kilometer to their home town in the hope of for food, it's just same as finding water in a desert. The news of today's said that 4 people were crashed by a truck on the way of Mumbai-Ahmadabad highway. 

Everyday news after news that people are trying to go to their home town but at the end as state borders highway's are closed making them sit at the end.

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