Module 5 & 6 Combined

Module - 5 & 6

To do's
- make your own bed every    morning, it gives a satisfaction for the 1st work of the day being done well.

- learn to cook since you never know what's stored in for your future.

Start taking little responsibilities to know the world.
 These will enhance your strengths.

NOTE :- Ask / Command people only when you know to master it.

Weakness of Individuals present -

I) lack of concentration - try spending a day alone to discover yourself.

II) presumptions - try spending time with less fortunate people. Since your are fortunate enough to make presumptions.

III) overthinking - detach yourself and give every thing thing equal importance to overcome.

When you are weak show yourself strong.
When you are strong show yourself weak.

Always participate never retaliate.

IV) lack of dedication - write a book of cursive handwriting for 20 days, it will make you feel complete. Make a lot of decisions with brain.

Must - Read Business Standard to know better about the world.

Digression - means in a conversation you start off with a topic, continue talking/discussing about some other topic and end up discussing with a completely but slightly relateable topic.

Ambivert - are people who can equally play or work with both their hands, i.e. people are both introverts and extroverts with different sets of people.

Create a chart of
Important & Urgent - 1st quadrant Important - 2nd quadrant
Urgent - 3rd quadrant
Nuisance Value - 4th quadrant.

Always try keeping the 1st quadrant empty and the 4th quadrant full.
When you follow this you ain't becoming lazy, you complete work on time, you learn how to manage yourself and your time.
Respect your time.!

Nusiance value = psudo value
Strengths is overcoming your weakness.

Q. How to value yourself more than other ?
A. Never give so much importance to other as such you starting comparing them with yourself. When you do it you are giving importance to their values by wasting time in evaluation. Hence you are devaluing yourselves.
Never show everyone everything.

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