Module 3 & 4 Combined

Module - 3 & 4

When you forget things you never learned them.
Whatever we learn from other we always forget but we will never forget when we teach ourselves.

Bullshit - something which we keep telling ourselves in order to fool our subconscious mind as an excuse for not doing what is actually required. You are distracted with too many things. Example - Lack of attention and motivation as our excuse.

Happiness - you are not happy when you achieve things, you are happy when you work to achieve goals.

Possessiveness - is when you think the other deserves better and not you.

Detatchment - Feel yourself instead of felling others. Spend ME TIME with yourself. Me Time means doing nothing and just sitting idol and think about yourself.

Hardwork - is toiling yourself. Passion are the goals in your life.

Smart work - strategizing one's efficiency for effectiveness.

Does procrastination increases Smart work ?
- Yes, it's makes you lazy.
- Since either you do the work or you just leave it.

Success is others point of view of your achievements

Micro manage means break up / split up things or tasks to achieve little goals. When you are macro managed means targeting something big at a time and not breaking it up into segments of achievements you start procrastinating.
Success is virtual.

Manipulation - Your % or possibility of achieving goals becomes higher when you manipulate. You manipulate even when you are talking to and convincing your parents or children or friends about something.
"Honesty is the best manipulative policy"
You manipulate with ease with honesty.
Example - Sharman Joshi of 3 Idiots.

Limits are your capacity - micro
Capability - macro

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