Mentor ship Program learnings : Module 1 & 2 combined

Module 1 & 2 combined

An entrepreneur is a person who converts problems into opportunity.

A businessman is a person who conducts economic activity for the sole purpose of profits and also prevents the outflow of the money.

An industrialist is a businessman who converts ideas into opportunities, contributes largely to the GDP of the nation and also regulates the flow of money in the market.

"Nothing is right", anything could be right from your point of view and the same thing can be wrong from others point of view.

Your success will depend on -
 how much less time you spend on social media.
How much learn from yourself
Whatever you do, whether its learning or doing an internship should be done full time, which means whole heartedly. Anything to which one give's their heart and soul will be learned better.

Status code changes with the passage of time and change in relation.

Never be emotional with money and business.

Try to think and create out of the box - bending the SOP and getting the results in effective and efficient manner.

SOP's are standard operating procedure.

Activity -
How to interview ?

Results -
I) Check how interviewee presents themselves, whether they are sitting straight or leaning over the table or is not well dressed.
II) may ask, how many earning members are there in your family ?
III) ask if they know the SOP
IV) how will you handle a rude customer?
V) do you understand the difference between an uneducated and an illliterate?

Never to, while interviewing -
Ask about what qualities do you posses.
Never understand someone's potential from their past salary.

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